Update Slumber party Mermaze Mermaidz fall 2022 line-up. Five new character

Friends, we have important information for you. From reliable sources, we learned that the company is preparing a big update of some series of toys. Very soon, or rather, in the fall of 2022, many important and interesting new products are waiting for you. Many dolls and toys are waiting for an update or the release of the second series.

For example Slumber party Mermaze Mermaidz dolls. The company has prepared 5 new updated dolls. How exactly they are updated, what will be their appearance after the update is still unknown.

The company carefully conceals this information and has not yet provided pictures or the first photos of the crushed dolls. As soon as we have such information, we will immediately provide the first photos and detailed descriptions of all the changes and features of these dolls.


32.99 USD to 39.99 EUR

Release Date

You will buy updated dolls in fall 2022

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