Untamed Mad Lab Minis: creativity without boundaries!

Untamed Mad Lab Minis toy

The wild and insane laboratory Minis (for young crazy scientists from 5 years old) is creativity without boundaries. Create the wildest, most terrifying creatures – because anything is possible in this lab!

Untamed Mad Lab Minis

Untamed Mad Lab Minis – the development of the Fingerlings and Untamed lines from WowWee, now in the mini-figurine version, a new 2019.

The collection combines popular themes of closed bags of surprises, mucus, construction, collectibles and role-playing in one tiny beaker.

Remove the wrappers from the package, reveal your surprise, and you will see inside one of 34 creatures created on the basis of the strange compound of Wild DNA, in which the animal is hiding.

Remove the head, attach it to the body, and you can classify the animal: there are a total of 12 species of creatures, including predators, saber-toothed tigers and skeletons.

The rarity of the animal can be determined by the color of the substance Untamed DNA (Wild DNA), which is included. You will have to extract your creation from soft geoscale, terraglines or biopesque. Green color is typical of ordinary rare creatures, red is for rare, orange is for extremely rare, silver is for special issues and gold is for a legendary creature.

But the game is just beginning!

Now you can mix parts of the body, fitting them to each other, creating unimaginable hybrids! The collection (if you manage to collect them all) offers more than 1000 possible combinations! But even with just a few figures, you too can create something impossible interesting!

Each WowWee Untamed Mad Lab Minis Collectibles figure comes with a QR code, it is useful for working with the AR MadLab app. You can build a virtual science lab and take care of virtual versions of your creatures. The first version of the application is currently available on iOS, the full version will work from the end of April 2019. The version for Android-based devices will start working by the end of May 2019.

These toys will give your children the opportunity to play creative and crazy scientists. Imagination will help children build their own amazing creatures and create a scientific complex that it was difficult to imagine!

The corresponding app encourages role-playing and creates a virtual lab right in your home: and no mess!

Short Description: Price. Where to buy?

  • Age: 5+.
  • Size: 3 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Manufacturer: WowWee
  • Recommended price: from $ 4.99.
  • Where to buy: Amazon,Ā  Target, Wallmart


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