Twisty Petz Treatz Bracelets series 4. Ten New Scented & Authentic Characters

Of course, you must have heard and definitely know about the so-called Twisty Petz Bracelets. These are not just bracelets, this is a toy & bracelet. It means you can use Twisty Petz as a toy (a specific animal-pets) and play with it or use as a decoration (a charming bracelet). Transformation of a toy into a bracelet and vice versa will not take much time or effort. Everything is easy and simple, so children love such bracelets so much. We bring to your attention 4 series of bracelets Twisty Petz.

Features Twisty Petz Treatz Bracelets

  • new characters
  • new transformation system
  • toys with scented
  • the authentic toys

What is Twisty Petz Treatz Bracelets

Twisty Petz Bracelets series 4 has a name Treatz. A feature of this series is the completely unique appearance of all characters. All pets in this series have food items (sushi, hamburger, sweets, cake, ice cream, sandwich and so on). In addition, there is a special system of bracelets of this series. To return the appearance of the pet to the bracelet, it is necessary to fold it as a designer. The bracelet has a pleasant aroma.

All Characters Twisty Treatz Petz Bracelets

  • Twisty Petz Treatz – Hamburger Bear

  • Twisty Petz Treatz – Swiss Roll Kittens

  • Twisty Petz Treatz – Strawberry Kitties

  • Twisty Petz Treatz – Ice Cream Sandwich Kittens

  • Twisty Petz Treatz – Donut Bear

  • Twisty Petz Treatz – Rainbow Jelly Pups

  • Twisty Petz Treatz – Watermelon Puppies

  • Twisty Petz Treatz – Pancake Bear

  • Twisty Petz Treatz – Orange Pandas

  • Twisty Petz Treatz – Sushi Pandas

Release Date:

Any of these bracelets you can buy right now at Amazon. Hurry up the quantity of bracelets is limited. Find out your favourite bracelets.


As for the price, it is different. Starting from $12:99 till $20:99 the maximum price. Each bracelet costs differently, so the price of a particular bracelets should be checked with the seller. Find out price for new Twisty Petz Treatz Bracelets yoy can here

Short Info:

Manufacturer:Spin Masters
Age: 4+
Gender: Female
Size: 17.5 x 4 x 12.5 cm (7 x 1.5 x 5 inches)
Regular price: $ 12.99
Start of sales:February, 2020
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart



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