Trolls World Tour DIY Rock & Sparkle Terrarium

An unusual toy from DreamWorks. The manufacturer offers young fans and troll lovers to make their village with these cute and unique creatures. Do you want your own troll village? Then you just need to purchase this terrarium and make your dream come true. Fantasy is unlimited here and the result is sure to impress you.

What is Trolls World Tour Rock & Sparkle Terrarium

Trolls Terrarium – is a set that will allow you to create your own terrarium and put your trolls there. In the set you will find all the important and necessary elements for creating a terrarium. Such a set has a status DIY which means Do It Youself. It means, to create such a terrarium, you must yourself at the same time express your imagination.

Such a terrarium is perfect for role-playing and story games. With the help of its design, the terrarium is mobile and easy to move from place to place.

Features Trolls Terrarium

  • All the necessary elements to create a terrarium are in the set
  • Unique set
  • You can create a unique world for your trolls
  • Terrarium mobile and mobile
  • Unlimited opportunities for creativity and imagination of the child
  • Create your own unique troll

How to make Rock & Sparkle Terrarium

  • First you need to create a base. The base is the place where your trolls will actually live. At the bottom of a special jar (terrarium) place sand, stones, sparkles. The number of these elements and their color scheme will depend only on your imagination. Terrarium is ready
  • Put the hair of the troll inside the terrarium
  • It’s time to create trolls. Color the stones in any color you like and stick special tattoos from the set on them. That’s all your troll is ready
  • Place the trolls inside the terrarium (two trolls)
  • Stick the remaining stickers on the terrarium
  • Terrarium is ready

What included in the sets

  • terrarium
  • stones
  • sand
  • glitter
  • sequins
  • tattoos
  • sticker sheet
  • hair of the troll
  • string
  • paint and brush

Thanks to this set, you will not only please your child with a toy from the his/her your favorite animated series, but also let him /her show his imagination and fantasy. It’s also fun and interesting to spend free time. In addition, the inhabitants of such a terrarium are not living as in an ant farm and you do not need to care for them.

Release Date & Where to Buy?

Your child can become the lucky owner of such a terrarium right now. To do this, you need to make an order for Amazon. You can make an order right now using a link here. Enjoy the shopping


The price for one set Trolls Terrerium $19:99.

Short Info:

Age: 6+
Gender: Female
Size: 23 x 9 x 30 cm (9 x 3.5 x 12 inches)
Regular price: $ 19.99
Start of sales:In Stock
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

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