Trolls World Tour Aquabeads Playset. DIY Poppy, Biggie, Barb figures

Today we are gonna do aqua beads and the characters from the Trolls World Tour movie. We’ve got Poppy, Biggie, Barb, Mr. Dinkles and other Trolls characters. All children love doing these aqua beads. There’s so much fun. All right let’s pop everything out of here. Looks like we get this mini stand. This is where the perler beads go cool and we get a little case for all of the beads.

We’re gonna get here are all of the fun colors. We also get these other really cool animal designs. Alright let’s take a look at the templates that we’re gonna get. So two of them we’ve got mr. tinkles and biggie on one side. Barb and his little robotic creature on the other templates. Also we’ve got Biggie and Poppy. So you could always use this little stand if you get this kit.

Aquabeads – Make spray – flit tray and they stay

Alright looks like we’ve got to kind of line up the holes right there, we can see it clearly now. So you can either use your fingers and put down the beads but in the pack you will have an aqua bead to offer up a name of it. But it’s really awesome and easy to use. You can put lots of colors in it. When you will make figures you need to drench her with water.

How to use the tool for Aqua beads

  • Fill all the cells in the drum of the instrument with different beads. Each cell has a specific color.
  • Select a specific cell on the tool to start your work
  • Press the key and the bead will fall into the cell on the template.
  • To change the color of the beads just change the cell on the drum

Features Trolls World Tour Aquabeads Playset

  • Create your favorite Trolls

Are you a fan of cartoon Trolls World Tour? Would you like to create your favorite characters? With this set you will have this opportunity. Use a template or your imagination and easily create your favorite characters. This set contains templates of all famous cartoon characters.

  • Easy & fun to make your Trolls

The kit has a convenient tool for creating Trolls. Such a tool is very similar to a pen. With it, you can easily do creative work. Just press a key and the bead will fall directly into the desired cell.

After you create your creation, you need to carefully pour water on it. For this, the kit has a special saw. As soon as you add water, the beads stick together and you can transfer your drawing to any object

  • Develops attention and creativity

Of course, such a set has an important purpose. It develops perseverance, attention and creative thinking in children.

What included in the set?

  • more than 900 jewel and solid beads in 21 colors/styles
  • bead palette
  • flip tray
  • sprayer
  • 2 double-sided template sheets
  • instructions

Release Date & Price:

The price for such set is $28:29. You can order it on Amazon by link.

Short info

Age: 4+
Gender: Female
Size: 25 x 5 x 24 cm (10 x 2 x 9.5 inches)
Regular price:$28.29
Start of sales:In Stock
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart



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