TOP 5 LOL Surprise dolls expected late Summer early Fall 2020!

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Today i’m back with more news about lol surprise dolls we are going to see this fall. I already told you about the new lol surprise jk doll downtown B.B. that comes in a set with the remote control car.

The set has already started appearing in the stores. This is how the doll looks on stock photos. She’s got a high ponytail with beautiful long blue and black hair.

And the news is that uptown family is going to get a jk doll too. Jk prim will come in a playset with the beauty salon.

The packaging looks like a purse probably a chanel purse because that’s the style of uptown family.

The set includes jk prime doll uptown girl’s little sister. She’s got long pink hair which is styled like cosmic novas with a black bow on top.

She wears a white crop top a light blue sleeveless jacket and long blue checkered skirt. Your shoes are super tall with black and white striped soles.

The packaging transforms into a beauty salon. The middle part has a big mirror with lights which most likely can be used by the owner of the set. Also it has a chair for the doll.

There are also two side areas:

One of which contains some sort of spa bath and a desk.

And the other contains a small mirror for the doll drawers and a wardrobe with hangers.

The set also includes hair accessories: a crimping iron, the doll’s cup and sunglasses, the doll stand and colorful facial masks for the salon visitors.

LOL Surprise airplane

More stock photos of the new lol surprise airplane have become available on instagram. On these photos we can see lowell surprise remix omg dolls in their second outfits.

This is kitty k wearing her jeans and crop top. On this photo we can see bumpy bee in a pink sweatshirt.

And lone star wearing her paisley dress.

The only doll whose second outfit we haven’t seen yet is honeylicious.

LOL OMG Remix Lonestar

As for lone star the photos of your unboxing have appeared on internet.

This is your box.

This is how it opens.The circle compartments contains the doll’s accessories

  • the sunglasses
  • your earrings
  • your cowboy shoes
  • your pants
  • your fringe jacket
  • and your guitar

This is the doll in your underwear.

Both the shirt and the bottom look very pretty. This is fully dressed lone star with your guitar.

And this is her second outfit. It’s a bandana dress with paisley design.

As we know to complete this doll’s outfit we need to collect your bff honeylicious as well. So mainly because of it this look seems somehow incomplete.

LOL surprise fashion closet on the go

One more novelty which is going to come out this fall is lol surprise fashion closet on the go. It’s like a trolley suitcase where you can store lol surprise omg dolls.

Inside it has a rail for hanging clothes and drawers for accessories.

On the other side there’s a mirror. It fits four lol surprise omg dolls. The gloves we see on the photos are not included because they all belong to existing omg dolls and are shown on these photos only for demonstration.

LOL Surprise & LOL Surprise OMG Re-Release

And last news for today is that the series of lol surprise dolls which were announced for re-release have started appearing in stores.

LOL surprise omg dolls series 1 have been re-released in the 4-pack. Their retail price is 99.99 us dollars.

Also the listing for lol surprise omg winter disco dolls four pack have appeared online. It’s very good news for those who want a 24k dj.

Who’s retailing for several hundreds now from resellers.

re-release of swag’s family series

Also swag’s family has been released in a set. Instagrammers start finding them in stores.

Re-release of confetti pop series

The re-release of confetti pop series comes in a set of six. And obviously contains the characters shown on the packaging. There are four types of packaging:

  • with unicorn
  • angel
  • Pharaoh Babe
  • dawn

The pack with unicorn on the box is already available at amazon.

Plush toys lol surprise Queen b and Neon

Plush toys lol surprise queen b and neon have been spotted at some stores too. They look super cute and their retail price is 19.99 us dollars.

Redesigned LOL surprise house

The redesigned LOL surprise house is now called lol surprise omg house and the stock photos show how omg dolls fit there. These are the pictures of the old and the new houses side by side. The size and the most of the furniture seem to be the same.

The bed on the second floor was replaced to fit an omg doll. And two new chairs for omg dolls on the roof were added. The new omg house is available at amazon too.

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