Start to sale LOL OMG GUYS Prince Bee series 2

For lovers LOL toys GUYS series, we have great news for you. Second series is available for sale LOL OMG. The first boy in this collection is Prince Bee. He is brother of Queen Bee and Royal Bee.

This is a stylish young guy with a decent outfit and a stylish hairstyle. Prince Bee will like all girls and will become a favorite toy for every girl.

How look like LOL OMG GUYS Prince Bee

This is a young African American with a stylish suit and a very fashionable hairstyle. The set also includes 20 surprises and a doll stand.

This guy has earrings in his ears and trendy glasses. His image is very detailed and thoughtful. He is very similar to his younger brother but much more interesting

His motto: Let’s kick it!

Release date

The exact date is still unknown. Approximately expected for summer 2022

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