Start Sales on Amazon Na! Na! Na! Surprise Series 3. More about new dolls

Friends! We are glad to inform you that the start of sales new 3rd series Na! Na! Na! Surprise has already begun. Hurry to please your kids with new products from MGA.

What is Na! Na! Na! Surprise Dolls

This is a completely new and unique series of toys from the manufacturer LOL Surprises. These dolls are special. Everything is interesting here, from unpacking such a kit to the appearance and possibility of dolls. All dolls from the series Na! Na! Na! Surprise have a prototype from the animal world. Each doll is a specific animal. Which ones? It is easy to recognize by looking at the appearance of the doll.

Features Na! Na! Na! Surprise

  • interesting unpacking
  • doll surprise
  • the doll is very mobile (head, legs, arms)
  • confetti inside the package
  • very long hair
  • all clothes and accessories fit other dolls Na! Na! Na! Surprise

New characters 3rd series Na! Na! Na! Surprise

We know you have been waiting for this for a long time and this moment has come – the 3rd series Na! Na! Na! Surprise dolls went on sale.

Important! If you want to choose a specific doll from the 3rd series Na! Na! Na! Surprise, then such an opportunity exists. On the package with the image of the main character of this series (Sasha Scratch) there is a small tip. A small black sign near the doll itself. Each doll belongs to a specific character. For example, fire means you will get Jennet Jaguar, butterfly – you will have Jennet Jaguar, horns – you bought Dottie DeMil

Who are these amazing characters 3 series. Let’s get to know them better.

  • AnnaBelle Mooosche ( a cow girl)
  • Jeremy Hops (a bunny boy)
  • Dottie DeMil (she is a dalmatian)
  • Fifi LeFluff ( a poodle girl)
  • Jennet Jaguar ( of course jaguar doll)
  • Sasha Scratch ( a cat girl)

Which is your favourite doll? Which one would you like to buy?

Where to Buy & Price for Na! Na! Na! Surprise Series 3

We have also prepared for you links for which you can make an order to buy these dolls. Choose your favorite character and make an order for it:

Important! This is not the only important and interesting news for you. Hurry to buy the newest 3 series Na! Na! Na! Surprise because very soon the 4th series will be waiting for you. Yes, yes, you understood everything correctly. MGA Entertainment started developing 4 series and already shared with us the first photos of new characters. More details about the 4 series Na! Na! Na! Surprise you can learn here

Short info

Age: 7 +
Gender: Female
Size: 4.5 x 6.5 x 9 inches
Regular price: $ 19.99
Start of sales:July, 2020
Where to Buy?Amazon, Walmart, Target
Item Weight 9.4 ounces

Video unpacking Series 3 Na! Na! Na! Surprise


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