Start Sales on Amazon LOL OMG Series 3 dolls. All about 4 new LOL OMG Dolls S3

Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that the start sales LOL OMG Series 3 has already begun. This means that you already have the opportunity to please your children with a great toy.

What is LOL OMG Dolls?

LOL OMG Doll – is one of the most favorite series of toys for children from the whole line LOL Surprise. These dolls are different from all dolls LOL Surprise. First of all in size. LOL OMG Doll – the biggest LOL dolls of all dolls.

Dolls from this series are always special: large dolls, cloth dolls, long and thick hair, doll body parts are mobile. As you can see, the benefits of these dolls abound. In addition, such dolls are very stylish and fashionable. You can make interesting hairstyles and change the look of dolls.

Features LOL OMG Dolls Series 3

  • Size

The height of such a doll is 32 cm

  • Parts of the body are mobile

The arms, legs and joints of these dolls are mobile, so you can change poses and create new scenes for the game.

  • Style

It is especially worth noting that such dolls are very fashionable and have a bright, attractive appearance.

  • Hair

Long, thick, bright – that’s what you can call the hair of these dolls. You will be able to feel like a real hairdresser doing their hairstyles

  • Accessories

Each doll in the set will have its own set of accessories. In total, you will find 20 surprises inside.

New characters in LOL OMG Dolls Series 3

Attention! In 3 series LOL OMG 4 amazing and very charming dolls are waiting for you. Their names: Chillax, Disco Sk8er, Class Prez & Da Boss.

LOL OMG Chillax Doll

Stylish, sporty and bright doll called Chillax is an older sister of Sleepy Bones. This doll is very beautiful. We are happy to inform you that you can order LOL OMG Chillax now. Manufacturers have started to start selling on Amazon. Link to order this doll here (if the product is not available, you need to wait 1-2 days and the product will be available again)

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