Special LOL Surprise Big Ball Trolls World Tour series from MGA

A real gift for those children who are fans of the recently released animated series Trolls World Tour. This cartoon won the hearts of many children around the world, so some manufacturers began to produce a series of toys in this style.

Trolls World Tour – is a series of troll-style toys. The main characters of these toys are all the characters from the animated series exactly similar to their prototypes from the cartoon. In this series of toys you are waiting for action figures of the main characters, slimes and many different surprises of the series DIY (do it yourself).

What is LOL Surprise Big Ball Trolls World Tour

The company MGA launched a special big surprise dedicated to this cartoon. This is a huge LOL Surprise big ball called Trolls World Tour. Inside such a Big Surprise you will find many gifts and surprises, but most importantly they are all diverse. In this set you will find one or more instances of all the toys in the series Trolls World Tour.

That is, the company MGA in one such set depleted all the toys in the series Trolls World Tour. If you already have toys Trolls World Tour you are sure will find another toy of the same series for the collection in this surprise.

What included in LOL Surprise Big Ball Trolls World Tour

In this set you will find:

  • Trolls figures
  • Trolls slimes
  • Trolls squishy toys
  • plush Troll figures
  • stickers Trolls
  • toy accessories
  • Trolls ring
  • hair Trolls
  • even Trolls lipstick

Such a big surprise has three levels, in each level there are many gifts. In the first level, 10 small balls are waiting for you, in each of them there is a surprise, in the second level there are interesting gifts, but in the third level there are plush figures and 2 special balls with surprises inside.

LOL Surprise Big Ball Trolls World Tour is a huge set with many interesting and wonderful gifts and surprises inside.

Release Date & Price:

At the moment, the exact date of the release this set for sale is not known, as is the price for such a set. As soon as we have some information regarding the release date or price for such a set, we will immediately inform you. We also will give a link where you can buy such a set.



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