Shopkins Real Littles with Chrissy Puffs, Shopp’n Cart Pack and 2 exclusive shopkins mini packs

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Today we want to introduce you to a new series of toys by the shopkins brand. Shopkins are toys-food it is, mini-products that can be found in any supermarket. Among the toys of the Shopkins series you can find any products, only in a miniature form. By purchasing such toys, a child can create not only a collection of toys, but even his own supermarket with its products.

In the summer 2019, the representative brand of toys Shopkins released a new series of toys called Shopkins Real Littles. Real Littles – is a completely new toy style, but with the same concept as before. Now shopkins have their dolls.

Release day Shopkins Real Littles with Chrissy Puffs, Shopp'n Cart Pack

The main motto of the Shopkins Real Littles:

Real brands. Real cute

Meet the new series Shopkins Real Littles

The main difference of the new series of toys from the previous ones is the presence of a doll. Introduce with Chrissy Puffs. Chrissy Puffs cereal shopper. It is time to shop for the most important meal of the day – breakfast!  Chrissy Puffs – is an early riser who loves strolling down the cereal aisle. She has always filling her cart with the cutest breakfast buys, ready to kick-start her day!

Chrissy Puffs has a very attractive appearance. She is stylish and fashionable doll. Her hair is an unusual blue and on her head is not a standard hoop with a plate of porridge and a dry breakfast.

Price Shopkins Real Littles

Like every customer in a supermarket Chrissy goes shopping in a supermarket with shopp’n Cart. Looks like Chrissy loves to shop, just take a look at her shopping cart. Yummy. Chrissy has a breakfast food aisle, she need to buy:

  • cereals
  • toaster pastry
  • orange juice
  • oats granola

In addition to the doll in the set you will find 2 exclusive shopkins mini packs. What it will be? It is Cindy cereal and O.J. Kay mini pack. If you take a closer look you will understand what Cindy cereal is a cute mini pack of carton packaging of porridge. Inside this package is another white transparent package with porridge. O.J. Kay is a mini bottle with orange juice. There is also a mini glass of juice and a drinking tube for a bottle of juice.

reviews Shopkins Real Littles

As for the shopping cart, it is very realistic and believable, like a real one. Also in the set you will find a special stand for the doll that Chrissy was stable on any surface.


  • 1 * shoppie doll
  • 1 * Shopp’n Cart
  • 2 * exclusive shopkins
  • 2 exclusive mini packs
  • 1 * doll stand

Collect the entire collection of Shopkins and create your own supermarket and use new dolls as buyers. Playing with shopkins is fun and exciting. Collect the entire collection of toys in this series and you will get a real supermarket

Shopkins Real Littles buy

Release date & Pre-Order:

If you want to buy one of these amazing Shopkin kits for yourself, you can do it, because this set is available and you can buy it at any time. Status of this set of toy is stock.


The price of the new Shopkins Real Littles is about $ 19.99

Short Description: Where to Buy?

Age: 5+
Gender: Female
Size: 12.25 x 7 x 8 cm (4.9 x 2.9 x 3.3 inches)
Regular price: $ 19.99
Start of sales:in Stock
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


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