Review new Barbie Cutie Reveal series 2. Four new doll to collect

You have often asked and looked forward to Cutie Reveal and now this day has come. The company Mattel announced the imminent start of sales Cutie Reveal series 2. Fans will be able to buy 4 dolls in the second series: among these dolls you will find Teddy Bear, Llama, Sloth and Unicorn doll

What is Barbie Cutie Reveal

This is a very special doll. These are not just Barbie dolls, but transformation dolls. The manufacturers wanted to interest the child as much as possible and give him a lot of pleasant emotions and joy in the process of unpacking and playing with the doll. And they succeeded 100%.

In the set you will find a Barbie doll, but she will be dressed in a costume of a certain animal. Which one, you can choose independently as you wish. Important! Everything in this set is practical and functional. For example, a plush head from a costume turns into a bed for a pet. The plush costume has two sides: on the one hand it is an animal costume, on the other it is a stylish super-soft fleece jacket.

The doll itself has hidden abilities, its complexion changes. This feature is also present in the pet. To do this, you need to apply some cold water on the doll / pet’s faces and the face will change. Then some cold water and the face will change again.

Features Barbie Cutie Reveal 2 series

  • Stylish doll with colored hair
  • Plush animal costume
  • Pet in the set
  • 10 surprises in 1 package
  • fashionable speeches and accessories
  • turning the top of the costume over to find a super soft fleece jacket
  • The head of the costume also transforms into a soft
  • doll and pet can change the color

Barbie Cutie Reveal 2 series dolls

  • Meet with Teddy Bear Reveal series 2
  • Meet with Llama Reveal series 2
  • Meet with Unicorn Reveal series 2
  • Meet with Sloth Reveal series 2

What included in the set

  • doll
  • shimmery skirt
  • pair of cool shoes
  • sponge-comb
  • animal-ear headband
  • mini pet
  • super-soft fleece jacket


Price for one set will be $24.97

Release date

June 2022

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