Review Barbie It Takes Two Accessory Pack. Barbie set Picnic Theme

This is a mini play set. The set has everything and even more to recreate game scenes or gameplay. All sets Barbie It Takes Two Accessory Pack have their own theme. Our set today has a theme Picnic.

Important! The Barbie doll is not included in the set. The picture shows an example model.

Thanks to this set, you can create many game scenes and scenarios. All Barbie dolls are great to use with these accessories. Each set includes a pet. In each set and in each theme, it is different. In the subject Picnic – this is a squirrel.

A cute, squirrel-like squirrel, perfect for a picnic theme. All accessories are very detailed. Just take a look, the sandwich looks very realistic and natural. The set also includes a freezer. Drinks and food fit perfectly there.

What included in the kit?

  • freezer
  • drinks with a glass
  • pet
  • sandwich
  • a pack of chips
  • blanket for relaxation
  • pillow
  • kite
  • chess

Price and Where to buy

You can buy this set on Amazon for $9.99

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