Release First Boy series OMG LOL Surprise 2020. 2-Pack Dolls OMG Rocker Boi & OMG Punk Girl inside + 50 surprises

If you think that the company MGA cannot surprise you, then you are deeply mistaken. Today it became known about the new trends in the world LOL Surprise. In this moment, the company is actively preparing for an unusual surprise for its fans. We are talking about the long-awaited release of the Boy’s series. It finally happened. Despite the fact that rumors about the release of a series LOL Surprise Boys have been around for a long time, the company only this year decided to implement this venture.

What is 2-Pack OMG LOL Surprise?

The company MGA announced about release 2-Pack OMG LOL Surprise Dolls. What is it? We we will explain about it in detail today. 2-Pack OMG LOL Surprise – this is a special series of toys that will delight any child. In this series, especially everything from the number of toys and surprises inside and ending with a special type of dolls.

Inside such a set you will find two dolls at once. One of these dolls is beautiful Punk Girl and the second doll is non-standard, as you may have guessed this is the first LOL Surprise Boy, which called Rocker Boi. In addition, in this set you will immediately find 50 surprises inside and which is especially unusual you will find two little records that trigger music since this series of dolls refers to music series.

Features 2-Pack LOL OMG Boy Doll

  • First LOL Boy

In this series of toys a first boy is waiting for you. His name is Rocker Boi and he is a Rocker’s big brother. According to his outward appearance, this is a bully boy :). Even the inscription on the T-shirt confirms this.

  • LOL OMG Girl

In this pack you will find Punk Girl, she is a Punk Boi’s big sister. She is a very strong and impudent girl, not at all typical LOL OMG Doll.

  • Surprises inside

There are 50 surprises awaiting for you in the set. Thanks to these surprises, you can create great looks for your dolls and imagine for them.

  • Special series LOL OMG

This LOL OMG Dolls will belong to the music series with 80’s BB, Line Dancer, Kitty Queen and Honey Bun sisters. Inside the pack you will find two little records that trigger music. A truly special series of toys

Release Date LOL OMG Boy Doll

Now the turn has come to the most important question: when can we wait for the start of sales of these toys new LOL OMG Boy Doll? Information regarding this issue already exists. LOL OMG Boy Doll will go on sale this fall 2020. The exact date is not yet known, but most likely in mid-September. We will report new information as it becomes available to us.

Where to Buy & Price first LOL Boy doll

The Price for such pack of doll will be 49.99$. To buy them you will be abble on the Amazon (here is the link) As soon as the opportunity arises to make a pre-order, we will inform you

Short info

Age: 6+
Gender: Female
Size: -----
Regular price: $ 49.99
Start of sales:September, 2020
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

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