Released Barbie Teacher new big playset 2022.

Friends! We hurry to announce about release of the upcoming playset of Barbie toys on the topic Barbie Teacher. Manufacturers are actively announcing the release of new Barbie playsets. Today we will introduce you to one such set. Large, versatile and simply excellent Barbie Teacher playset.

Barbie Teacher playset more about ?

This is a complete and quite large set. In the playset you will find two Barbie dolls: a teacher and a student. The teacher is 11.5 inches tall. A tall, slender blonde with a great haircut is a real teacher.

The student is a much smaller and very cute doll. Like a real student, this set has everything you need for the school process. For example, a party. You can put the doll at the desk during the lessons or just play with the doll when the lessons are over. Of course, in each class there is a board for lessons. This set definitely has it. If the student does not want to go to school, there is a mini-notebook in the set for online lessons.

Each class has a mini corner with pets and this set is no exception, as it demonstrates the class as accurately as possible. And many other accessories, such as a student’s backpack. The kit will surprise you with its maximum precision and versatility.

What included in the playset?

  • Barbie Teacher
  • Barbie student
  • blackboard
  • desk
  • student’s backpack
  • turtle aquarium
  • computer

Release Date & Price?

To buy this set you can on March 19th by price $19.99 on Amazon

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