Rainbow High Shadow High Dolls trend 2022. First view new dolls

Yes, yes, we have a new information about Rainbow High Shadow High. The MGA’s company provides more and more information and most importantly pictures of the appearance of new dolls in the series Rainbow High Shadow High. Today we can already introduce you with 4 new heroes of the new series.

Interesting facts about Rainbow High Shadow High

  • Series consists of 6 new dolls
  • One very cute and nice boy is waiting for you in the collection
  • All dolls have a different shade of body color: from light to dark
  • New accessories and gifts are waiting for you
  • Luxurious hair and stylish look of all dolls

Release date and price?

To buy one of this doll you can on May 2022. As soon as we have a link to buy dolls, we will show you. The price is $29:99.

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