Rainbow High Shadow High Dolls more detail. New Rainbow High boy doll 2022

Attention! Attention! Earlier we reported about release of a new series of dolls Rainbow High Dolls. The second season has a name Rainbow High Shadow High Dolls. The first season Pacific Coast Rainbow High dolls. There are only 6 dolls in the collection second season, among which there is one boy. As always, fans are waiting for new faces, great accessories and a huge amount of positive emotions. Fans from all over the world are looking forward to the release of this series of dolls on sale.

Rainbow High Shadow High Dolls – New picture

What do we know about Rainbow High Shadow High Dolls

  • There are 6 characters in the collection. Their names you will find here
  • A very charming and cute boy is waiting for you in this cillection
  • All dolls will have one main feature – a change in body color from dark (black) to several shades of gray.

Release date and price?

I’m sure you’re already looking forward to getting yourself one of these adorable dolls. The start of sales will begin very soon. Or rather May 2022. Price per doll $29.99 according to information from manufacturers

Short info

Manufacturer:MGA Entertainment
Age: 3+
Season:Rainbow High Shadow High
Gender: Female
Regular price:$29.99
Start of sales:May, 2022
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart
Series:Rainbow High dolls

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