Rainbow High Fashion Dolls First FULL UNBOXING Video

Hello everyone,

Today is going to be a very special day because we have the Rainbow High dolls. The manufacturer of these dolls is the well-known MGA brand. We’ve got five dolls to unbox today: the Violet Willow, Ruby Anderson, Sunny Madison, Jade Hunter, Skyler Bradshaw.

Each doll is a different color of the rainbow.


Let’s just go right start with our Violet Willow. Look at the imaging down below it’s of our dollies.

I like how the packaging is clear all around even the outfit. It kind of looks like an inside of a store window when you’re looking in from the outside.

Let’s flip this around. They have the colors of the rainbow.

Time to Unbox:

We’re gonna start at the top. She’s got bangs and her hair has lots of different highlights.


We’ve got purples blues and grays and it’s long it goes down to her knees.

Her eyes these dolls have the best eyes.

Take a closer look they’re real eyelashes on them and they’ve got lots of color in the eyes as well the makeup is spot on.

She’s got earrings which you can take out.

She just has even a highlight on her face. Her head does move all the way around and it looks like she’s got a ponytail in the back and just these long strands that fall in the front.

About her outfit.

She got a gorgeous purple fur coat. She’s got a very beautiful sequin dress and they change from like purple to blue to white and again you can take all of these pieces off.

Articulated doll

These dolls are very articulated. They’ve got joints in the elbow right there. The wrist goes around and it moves. Same thing with the knees. These really can move and bend.


Such detail on everything even the shoes. Look at those right there they’re kind of like little buttons and then she’s got some very shiny socks.

Additional accessories:

Rainbow High comes with these two outfit boxes.

First piece of clothing is this jacket. They even have like a little zipper right there a buckle which you can unbuckle here.

We also have this dress. It’s so delicate!

It has gems on it and then there’s a ribbon that says: rainbow high all the way around and on the straps.

In the second box, you will find other shoes.

In addition, the doll comes with a stand, hair comb, hairpins and clothes hangers.


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