Preorder Rainbow High Shadow High dolls. Time to order Shadow High Series 1.

Undoubtedly, everyone was looking forward to this moment. And finally this moment has come. Dolls of the Rainbow High Shadow High series 1 have officially become available for sale on Amazon. Right now you can pre-order the doll of your dreams and get it in the near future. This series has become the most desired and important for fans from all over the world.

There are 6 new dolls in the collection, 6 great characters. All of them are already available on the Amazon platform. To learn more about this doll you can here.

Which doll would you like to choose?

Shadow High Series 1 Shanelle Onyx
Shadow High Series 1 Natasha Zima
Shadow High Series 1 Luna Madison
Shadow High Series 1 Nicole Steel
Shadow High Series 1 Ash Silverstone- Greyscale Boy

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