Poopsie Slime Surprise Liquid Filled Journal Diary

Today we have Poopsie Journal not just any journal it’s a fluid-filled journal. It has fun confetti in there. Of course our rainbow bright star is on the front. Guess what it looks like we’ve got a surprise inside. We’ve got scented stickers and a poopsie pen. Look at all other fun colors. We are gonna have so much fun with this journal. Then take a look at all these fun characters on the bottom. Now let’s get opening this set.

Let’s go ahead and see everything out of here. Here is everything that’s included. They even have like a little instructional and how to use it. Here is our fabulous diary. It says rainbow hair don’t care and it has some liquid with confetti inside. We’ve got tons and tons of poopsie pages, has our characters on.

Here our fabulous rainbow on the right-hand side. We’ve got some poopsie popouts. We’re gonna be taking a look at those and we can either glue them or tape them to art journal. We’ve got some other pop outs right here. We’ve got stickers. So some of them are scented and some of them are just regular. You’ve got some numbers, some letters up top and then we have a surprise inside.

And of course they had to include a poopsy pen. This is first poopsie pen ever. All right let’s bring our journal / diary. So it tells us that we have to collect and gather our thoughts, special wishes and memories and decide what we want to capture in this journal. So let’s go ahead and go to the first page. Open up our stickers slide them out and let’s see what we want to capture on the first page.

When we turn into the first page now it has our date. You can go ahead and put dave’s date and start writing whatever you want and then choose the best sticker and put it on the diary. Now lets see some of these pop outs. There are so many awesome it. Has our poopsie characters, some rainbows, some others really fun characters. Then let’s open up these pop outs. There are so many stickers too, tons of really funny poopsie ones.

Look at these quotes:

  • Good times, bad slimes
  • Have a good slime
  • Once Upon a slime
  • Slime is money
  • Catch your next slime
  • Slime traveller

What about packed Surprise the inside? Here you will find some stickers, but not usual smell ones.


If you liked this amazing Diary from Poopsie you can buy it right now on Amazon. The cost of such a Journal is total ~ $13:49.

Short Description:

Age: 6+
Gender: Girls
Size: 25 x 5 x 30 cm (10 x 2 x 11.9 inches)
Regular price:$ 13.49 and highter
Start of sales:November 8th-13th 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Walmart, Target
Series:Journal / Diary


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