Pikmi DoughMi S4 from Moose Toys. Fragrant donuts

Pikmi DoughMi price where to buy?

New Pikmi Pops line 29 – DoughMis collection! Sweeter, more interesting!

These toys are a fragrant range of donuts in the collection of plush!

Pikmi DoughMi

Toys are available in three sizes: small, medium and giant options. Stack them on top of one another! The collection features more than 40 DoughMis! Also, there are special editions that are so soft and tender that they really resemble the most genuine dough.

Pikmi DoughMi

Children will enjoy the process of unpacking new items: what do you get? It is always so unexpected! Open the donut to wonder even more! Inside it hides a small “jelly” character Pikmi – a real little squash!

For example, such:

Pikmi DoughMi

Or this:

Pikmi DoughMi

This season offers children even more pleasant surprises. Inside them you can find surprises in the form of rings, scrunchies, notebooks, pouches, stickers and other nice little things!

Pikmi DoughMi

Always be surprised because it is Pikmi!

Pikmi DoughMi

Price and where to buy?

Recommended price: 1 piece – $ 4.99, surprise kit – $ 10.99, giant set – $ 19.99.

The recommended age of 5+ years. Manufacturer: Moose Toys.

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