Paw Patrol – New Mighty Pups Lookout Tower Playset 2019/2020 (Updated Design)

where to buy Paw Patrol, Mighty Pups Super Paws Lookout Tower Playset AMAZON

New Lookout Tower from the 6th season of the show Paw Patrol – Mighty Pups! More interactive, sound and light effects! The tower has great dimensions – its height is 80 cm (2.6 feet).

This is the all-new mighty pups lookout tower and for the first time ever we are reintroducing the lookout tower because a meteor hits it and it transforms it. As you can see all the translucent material to really give off that energy that you will see in the show so just like you’ll see in the show.

Paw Patrol, Mighty Pups Super Paws Lookout Tower Playset buy on amazon

If you place Chase (Or any other puppy) in the elevator lift him up he’ll transform into his mighty pups here and then the top of the lookout tower will open up you have a rotating parents though lights and sounds a command center to take you on your rescue missions. The base will light up in the various colors that you see on the pups and then when cheese is ready to go on his rescue mission instead of a slide we now have a zipline to take him down. Pup will slide down he’ll pass through the badge and then he’ll land and this is where we have a trapdoor drop them in his vehicle and then we have a launcher here. So Chase can go and save the day. Compatible with all of our mighty preps themed vehicles as well right.

What are Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Lookout Tower All About?

  • Lookout tower manufacturing high quality, safe, certified materials.
  • It has large sizes (more than 80 cm in height) and a lot of playing areas.
  • Interactive, light and musical effects. You can enjoy all the effects of the Paw Patrol show.
  • Multifunctional center at the top of the tower for all puppies.
  • Find your mission with a rotating periscope!
  • Get new missions. Turn on serena in the main center. Rather, lift all the puppies on the elevator. Click on the button with a bone and the Tower itself will choose who will go to Patrol!
  • Pull down the puppy in a long zipline and sit right in his car! Next thing for the launcher. Click on the button and Mighty Pups will go on missions!

What is included in the Lookout Tower Playset?

  • 1 x Mighty Lookout Tower
  • 1 x Chase Figure
  • 1 x Mighty Pups Vehicle
  • 5 x Zip Line Clips
  • 1 x Sticker Sheet
  • 1 x Instruction Sheet

Release date & Buy It Now:

The Mighty Pups Lookout Tower has already been released (July 2019)! You can buy it on Amazon right now!


The recommended retail price for this Lookout tower starts at $ 99.99


Short description:

Manufacturer:Spin Master
Age: 3+
Gender: Unisex
Size: 22 x 68 x 37 cm (9 x 27 x 15 inches)
Regular price:$ 99.99
Start of sales:August - September 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart
Season:6 - Mighty Pups Super Paws
Shipping Weight 5.5 kg (12.35 pound)

Character1 (Chase)


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