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Review Barbie Mega Color Reveal Lego Dolls. 3 versions Barbie micro dolls

The Mattel company is expanding the range of its dolls. Barbie mini dolls are now on sale. These are not…

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Barbie Cutie Reveal Polar Bear and Owl series 3. Release date new Barbie Cutie Reveal doll

These are cute and charming dolls from the set Barbie Cutie Reveal. All girls and lovers of Barbie dolls will…

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First photos Rainbow High dolls Series 4. All about 6 new uniqu dolls

Friends! We have great news. The names and characteristics of the new Rainbow High dolls Series 4 have become known….

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Barbie Francie classic reproduction doll. All about new collectible Barbie doll

Francie is not just a doll, it’s a collectible doll. Such a doll can please anyone, both a child and…

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Release date Laverne Cox Barbie doll HCB99 tribute series.

Friends! We have great news. The company Mattel launches a new doll for sale Laverne Cox Barbie. We have previously…

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Review new Barbie Extra doll from Walmart. Meet Barbie Raining Extra doll and her pet

This is just a gorgeous doll. At first glance, you can see that she is special. Everything is here: from…

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New toys from MGA Entertainment. Special LOL Surprise tots Mini Sweets in clothes of real candy brands

The company MGA continues to amaze us with its toys. LOL OMG (Big sisters) and small sisters, LOL pets and…

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Start to sale LOL OMG GUYS Prince Bee series 2

For lovers LOL toys GUYS series, we have great news for you. Second series is available for sale LOL OMG….

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New dolls series Barbie Extra Minis Wave 2. Two new dolls coming soon

We have already introduced you to the new dolls of the second wave Barbie Extra Minis. The first dolls were…

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Meet three new Barbie Extra Fancy Dolls. All about Extra Fancy Dolls 2022

Extra Fancy Dolls is an unusual series of dolls, these are unique and super fashionable dolls. Each doll from this…

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Review Barbie Color Reveal Pets sets. Unboxing Color Reveal Pets from Mattel

Friends, today we have a special toy, this is the first one Color Reveal Pets sets. The fans liked very…

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Meet LOL OMG Kicks Babe Sports series 2. Review new doll

Friends. Today we want to introduce you to a new doll of the series LOL OMG. This cute charming doll…

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First photo LOL OMG Melrose & Sketches doll Series 6

We are pleased to announce the release of a new series LOL OMG dolls. Meet new LOL 6 series and…

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Review Barbie It Takes Two Accessory Pack. Barbie set Picnic Theme

This is a mini play set. The set has everything and even more to recreate game scenes or gameplay. All…

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Review Barbie It Takes Two Accessory Pack. Barbie set Cook-Off Theme

This is a special series of toys from Barbie. Why? The set includes a new doll and her pet. There…

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Review Barbie It Takes Two Accessory Pack. Barbie set Music Festival Theme.

This is a special series of toys from Barbie. The series t Takes Two Accessory Pack is a real play…