OMG LOL Surprise 3 Series: Chillax, Disco Sk8er, Class Prez & Da Boss. Release Date New Dolls

The company MGA continues to amaze and certainly delight their young fans. At the moment, the company is actively working in the production and release 3 series LOL OMG toys. Yes, you heard everything right. Very soon the new LOL OMG series will go on sale.

These are new dolls and new surprises. As always, such dolls will surprise you their size 27 cm and a variety of surprises. Each doll (there will be 4 in this series) has its own characteristics and surprises:

  • different appearance of dolls
  • huge size
  • 25+ surprises inside each pack

New LOL OMG Dolls in 3 series

As we said earlier in the 3 series, the manufacturers promise to start on sale 4 new dolls:

  • Chillax

Chillax is a big sister of Sleepy Bones. The doll looks very stylish and sporty. Fashionable tracksuit, bright pink shoes and unusual hair color make the doll very attractive. Fluffy, long blue hair are very well with this doll.

  • Disco Sk8er

Disco Sk8er is a big sister of Roller Sk8er.

  • Class Prez

Class Prez is a big sister of Teacher’s Pet

  • Da Boss

Da Boss is a big sister of Boss Queen

Release Date & Price OMG LOL Surprise 3 Series

As for the release of these dolls on sale, the timing is already known. There is no exact date yet, but according to the developers, the start of sales LOL Surprise OMG 3 series will begin in fall 2020. As soon as we know the exact dates and new photos or additional information regarding this new product are announced, we will inform you immediately. The price of such dolls is also known. The price for one set (one doll) will be: $ 26.99.

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