NU Fantasy covent is the beautiful Scarlett Hex Anja. The Coven Couture Collection third doll

Previously, we already reported on the release of NU Face collection dolls. And also demonstrated the first two dolls NU Face collection. You can find out more about them here.

Today we want to introduce you to a special, unique doll whose name is Scarlett Hex Anja. This is another doll in the collection NU Fantasy covent

Interesting about Scarlett Hex Anja NU Fantasy covent

Dolls of the series NU Fantasy covent are known for their fashionable outfits. Scarlett doll Anja Christensen™ Dressed Doll. Just like the other dolls, she is a lottery doll and will retail for $199. A small amount will be available for the public as well for $220 after the WCLUB members had rheir chance at winning her.

The doll is dressed in a chic red long dress with lace and a cape. The dress is simply amazing, every girl’s dream. The hairstyle is also very stylish and sophisticated. Another important feature of such a doll is articulation, very detailed. The hand of such a doll bends in three places at once. Therefore, you can change the poses of the doll as you wish.

What included in set

  • bag
  • doll
  • shoes
  • ring
  • necklace
  • bracelet
  • detachable arms

Features NU Fantasy covent Scarlett Hex Anja

  • Edition Size: 1500
  • very detailed articulation
  • fashion dress
  • many surprises

Review date

Expected Ship Date: Late-Summer 2022


Price for doll will retail for $199

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