Top-5 Mermaze Mermaidz 10+ surprises series 1 from MGA. Mermaidz dolls that can change the color

In spring 2022, manufacturers MGA announced the release of a new series of toys called Mermaze Mermaidz. Mermaze Mermaidz is a special series of dolls, of course, not ordinary dolls. Each doll is special, its appearance is inimitable, the outfits are amazing, but the most important thing is the ability to change the color of clothes. Meet top 5 Mermaze Mermaidz dolls

We previously announced the start of sales a special Mermaze Mermaidz Orra doll. Find out more about the new doll from MGA and purchase it here.

Features Mermaze Mermaidz series 1

  • Appearance. Bright, stylish and simply charming, such words you can describe the new Mermaze Mermaidz dolls. Just look at them. It will be very difficult to choose one single one, because they are all beautiful.
  • Hair. Straight, wavy, curly, light, dark. There are all tips and hair colors. The dolls’ hair is long and very thick, thanks to which the child can do all sorts of hairstyles and styles.
  • Color changes. One of the main features of the doll is the change in color. Yes, you got it right. If you immerse one of these dolls in water, you can see how the color of the doll changes just before your eyes.
  • Accessories. Each doll comes with 10 surprises. These are clothes and accessories: earrings, rings, necklaces, a skirt, a top and of course a fashionable handbag. All this makes the dolls even more stylish and fashionable. Important! All sets of clothes you can change between dolls
  • Inset eyes
  • real lashes

Meet Mermaze Mermaidz Riviera doll series 1

Real rock and roll girl. Cool jacket, gloves, leather tail and even a guitar. Bright purple curly hair – the doll looks very stylish and even sassy. It all about Riviera doll

Meet Mermaze Mermaidz Shellnelle doll series 1

Long wavy blue hair with a beautiful hairstyle (a bow on her head). Such gorgeous hair you have not seen anywhere else. Shellnelle very fashionable and elegant. Her pink tail color changes to blue.

Meet Mermaze Mermaidz Kishiko doll series 1

Kishiko is a unicorn mermaid. If you look closely at her hair, you can understand that this is a unicorn girl, but if you look at her tail, then this is a mermaid. Kishiko is one of the dolls whose hair has two colors – pink and purple. Take a look at her handbag

Meet Mermaze Mermaidz Harmonique doll series 1

Judging by the microphone, Harmonique is a singer. Her outfit also confirms this. Pink color in clothes is in perfect harmony with the pink color of the doll’s hair. She is very cute and stylish

Mermaze Mermaidz Jordie doll series 1

The last one on our list, but not the most beautiful, is Jordie. This doll looks very sporty. Her main colors are yellow, black and white. Her hairstyle is a lot of braids on her head. The size of the doll and the length of the hair is simply amazing.

All dolls from the new Mermaze Mermaidz series unique and special. Which doll do you like the most?

Short info

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 8.1 x 30.5 x 30.5 centimetres
Regular price: $ 32.99
Start of sales:March, 2022
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

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