New LOL Surprise #HairVibes Mix & Match Hair. Video Review Change my HairStyle LOL

Attention, Attention all fans and loving LOL Surprise dolls. MGA Entertainment have released a new, incredible collection LOL Surprise dolls. Are you thinking MGA Entertainment can’t surprise you? You are very wrong about it.

What’s LOL Surprise #HairVibes

  • First, these are new dolls
  • Secondly, these are new accessories and new outfits
  • Of course new surprises
  • Most importantly, these are new dolls, dolls where you can easy change, also mix and match hair style your favorite dolls.

But how is that possible? Everything is simple. In the set you will find one doll, but thanks for special surprises (caps and wigs) you can pick up several completely different images at once.

Unoxing new LOL Surprises #HairVibes

  • Open the zip tape and remove the first layer of packaging
  • Find a secret message and try to guess which doll you will get
  • Open the pink ball
  • Start unpacking surprises
  • Unpack your doll
  • Read the manual
  • Try on all the hair for your doll
  • Try your doll on change colour in water

What included inside?

  • Firstly, which doll inside is always a surprise. You probably won’t know how will look like your doll until you unpack it. The intrigue continues 🙂
  • In this set you will find 15 surprises. As always, new outfits, accessories and very cute dolls await you in this series of LOL Surprise.
  • The most important thing. New styles with hair and hairstyles. Your doll #HairVibes have an unusual appearance. Or rather not an ordinary hairstyle. Thanks to special removable hair, you can change and even mix hairstyles.

Important! All hairstyle from the series LOL Surprise #HairVibes fit other dolls from this series. So you can Mix & Match Hair with other dolls #HairVibes. It means that you will get many new and most unexpected images of your dolls.

More details about the new LOL Surprise #HairVibes, their price and the same information where you can buy a new dolls, you can find here

Video Review LOL Surprise #HairVibes

Unpacking video with new LOL Surprise #HairVibes Mix & Match Hair


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