New fashionable Barbie Dreamtopia doll- GTG00-2021

Barbie Dreamtopia - GTG00 The Price. Where can I buy it? Realise date

We are presenting you an adorable Barbie Dreamtopia!

Barbie Dreamtopia - GTG00 Where to buy? What is the price? Realise date.
Barbie Dreamtopia – GTG00

This is a completely new and the most expecting doll for all Barbie Collectors.
Let’s have a closer look at this amazing doll!

She has very long blonde hair with a few brightly colored braids. She has enough amount of hair, so you can happily make her a variety of hairstyles to your liking.

Barbie Dreamtopia - GTG002 Where can I buy it? How much is the price? Realise date
Barbie Dreamtopia – GTG002 Hairstyle

Also she comes with a lot of accessories for her hair!

Where tobuy?Price. Realise date. Barbie Dreamtopia - GTG00 2021
Barbie Dreamtopia – GTG00 2021. Accessories

Here you can find:

  • the blue brush
  • a pink hairdryer
  • diadem
  • hairpins
  • hair clips
  • hair bands

She looks so fabulous in this bright, long and colorful dress!

Barbie Dreamtopia - GTG001 Realise date. Where to buy? Price
Barbie Dreamtopia – GTG001 Beautiful Dress

Have fun with this new Barbie Dreamtopia doll and share an unforgettable emotions with your friends!



Еstimated price is 15 $

Release date:

The starting date of sales is from early spring, 2021.

Where to Buy?

You can buy it on Amazon, Target, Walmart and other US online stores.

Short Details:

Age: 4+
Gender: Female
Regular price: $ 15
Start of sales:Early Spring , 2021
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

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