New cute Barbie Blonde Interior Designer Doll with prosthetic leg

You can be anything – the main motto of the new Barbie Interior Designer Doll.

The doll has a stylish outfit, namely a plaid jacket, a cute pink dress and shoes of the same color.

In the hands of the doll there is an interior designer’s tablet. With it, the doll can make sketches for future projects.
The doll has a prosthetic leg, but this does not stop her and she is ready to achieve even greater heights!


Starting price is with $ 19,99

Release date:

February 1, 2022

Where to Buy?

You can buy it on Amazon, Target, Walmart and other US online stores.

Short Info

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 11.5 inches
Regular price:$19.99
Start of sales:February 1, 2022
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart
Shipping Weight 5.8 ounces


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