New Barbies from Mattel Princess Adventure Sleepover special set with 3 dolls and accessories

Many Barbie fans are well aware that in the near future the company will release a special movie called Barbie Princess Adventure. In this movie, the main characters will be Barbie dolls of the same name Barbie Princess Adventure.

Who are the Barbie Princess Adventure dolls?

This is a special series of Barbie dolls from the main characters of movie. The main feature of such dolls is their appearance. They are princesses, but modern. Each doll has a crown on its head, which corresponds to its status. As for the dress, it is very modern, but at the same time befitting modern princesses: stylish jackets, tops and special ballroom skirts

The release date for the sale of this Barbie series is not yet known. Follow the news and as soon as we have additional information, we will immediately inform you.

What is Barbie Princess Adventure Sleepover set

This is a unique set with Barbie. Not just a set, but a whole set of dolls. In one set you will immediately find 3 dolls in the series Barbie Princess Adventure but not just dolls, but many interesting additions and accessories to dolls. Judging by the name, you can guess that the sets will be on the topic of sleep. And it is really that. In the set you will find:

  • 3 Barbie dolls in pajamas, but still with crowns on their heads
  • 3 pcs of shoes
  • dressing for sleep
  • a laptop
  • 3 pcs sleeping bags
  • 3 pcs cups
  • 3 pcs cap
  • 1 cake
  • 3 pillows

By purchasing this set you will immediately receive 3 unique Barbies. We can’t say exactly when the release date of these dolls is scheduled, since the manufacturer keeps this information secret. As soon as Mattel officially share information on the release date and price for such a set, we will immediately inform you.

Now we offer you a photo of this set. Would you like to buy such a kit? Share in comments

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