Na! Na! Na! Surprise Series 4. Meet with 6 new dolls

Unbelievable! Today we will introduce you to the new 4 series Na! Na! Na! Surprise. Yes, we were not mistaken precisely with the 4th series Na! Na! Na! Surprise dolls. How is this possible? Indeed, the 3rd series Na! Na! Na! Surprise has not yet gone on sale. But this is not a mistake and everything is right.

Manufacturers in the near future will launch the start of sales of the 3 series Na! Na! Na! Surprise and now they are ready to demonstrate to the fans the characters from the future version. In addition, it is already known that version 4 Na! Na! Na! Surprise will go on sale almost immediately after the release of 3 series. But about everything in more detail in the article below.

New characters Na! Na! Na! Surprise Series 4

Today we can tell and even demonstrate the appearance series 4 Na! Na! Na! Surprise. As always in the new series will be 6 characters in the collection. The names and appearance of the characters 4 series are already known. And so begin the acquaintance:

  • Panda girl

Her name is Juli Joyful. This doll has brown eyes and brown hair. The first doll Na! Na! Na! Surprise with brown eyes. Just look at her appearance. Very beautiful doll

  • Bunny girl

Her name is Melanie Mod. This doll has blue eyes and blue hair. Very cute doll

  • Cat girl

Her name is Paula Purrfect. Her name corresponds to her appearance. She is really a perfect doll. Very beautiful and cute doll. Big blue eyes and long white hair, as well as a white hat on his head – in general, the doll looks very beautiful and nice.

  • Tiger girl

Her name is Bianca Bengal. The doll has blue eyes and very fair hair. All her clothes look like a tiger

  • Bunny girl

The name of this girl is Bebe Groovy. The doll has blue eyes, long blonde hair and a yellow hat on the head with ears like a bunny. Her dress has a bright print, and on her face a flower, a very beautiful doll

  •  Buffalo boy

The name of this boy is Tommy Torro. This is the only boy in this collection. Like a real boy, this doll looks very sporty and stylish. Brown eyes and blond hair, and a hat in the shape of a bull on his head – this is what this boy looks like.

Which doll did you like the most? Which doll would you like to buy? Try to collect them all


Release Date Na! Na! Na! Surprise Series 4

Today, there is no exact date start to sale 4th series Na! Na! Na! Surprise. We only known that the sale will begin at the beginning of autumn, most likely in September 2020. We will definitely inform you of the exact date and price for such a doll. We will also give you a link for orders and pre-orders this dolls. Follow the news

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