Na! Na! Na! Surprise series 1 from MGA. Cute dolls and special keychain + confetti surprise. Toy opening video

Today we have got a huge package from MGA. It is a ginormous bunny, which included a new toy called Na! Na! Na! Surprise. If we
flip this over it’s series number one. The most amazing thing is the plush and what’s inside of there. Have any of you heard of the Na! Na! Na! Surprise? Because there are something so so exciting inside of there.

We’re gonna put this huge plush bunny down and we’re gonna see what’s inside of there. Here is a zipper. So inside you will find a huge bag with many, many surprises inside.

Instruction how to open Na! Na! Na! Surprise toy

  • Insert Straw
  • Inflate
  • Peel
  • Squeeze
  • Tear

Find a little hole, insert straw and blow until it’s inflated. It is look like a balloon. The next step is get to peel it and then we squeeze and there’s gonna be tons of confetti that pops out and tons of big big little animals in fitty. Now tear it open and you will find a cool Na! Na! Na! Surprise boxes.

What included in Na! Na! Na! Surprise series 1

  • confetti baloon unboxing
  • fashion surprises
  • clip-on pom
  • unzip surprise
  • soft fashion doll

There are 6 cute and cool dolls. Try to collect all of them.

What is Na! Na! Na! Surprise doll?

First of all it is 2 in 1 surprises doll. Inside one box you will find little plushies pet and one doll. It’s the same concept. It looks like you pop it and there’s tons of confetti, fashion surprises inside, doll and it’s pet. Inside 1 series Na! Na! Na! Surprise you will find one doll. Na! Na! Na! Surprise dolls have tons of colors plus they have little horns up on top. Lets open one box:

  • Open the plastic box and find bag with confetti
  • Take a paper straw (included in pack)
  • Start to blow it up
  • Pull it out quickly so that the air won’t come out
  • Find the arrow and push it
  • The box will pop open and you will see confetti
  • Inside you will find a smaller little keychain (it is so soft and cute)
  • Open next 2 surprises (you will find shoes and clothes)
  • Find zip inside keychain and open it
  • Here you will find plastic box
  • Open it and find your doll

Important! Arms and legs of the doll move up and down.

Find out where to buy Na! Na! Na! Surprise dolls, their price and date of release you can in article here.

Na! Na! Na! Surprise guide. 6 dolls to collect

  • Minna Moody (black sheep)
  • CJ Cuddles (the boy of the group with the tiger)
  • Britney Sparkles (the unicorn doll)
  • Sarah Snuggles (bear girl doll)
  • Aubrey Heart (little bunny doll)
  • Roxie Foxy (the fox doll, she’s the one that looks glamorous)

There are 6 dolls in 1 series. Which ones do you like most of all?


  • Doll inside Keychain pom
  • Outfit
  • Pair of shoes
  • Paper straw
  • Balloon with confetti

Video review how to correct open Na! Na! Na! Surprise doll


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