Mermaze Mermaidz doll from MGA collector edition. Release Orra color change doll with glitter hair gel.

We are pleased to inform you that the company MGA launches 2 new dolls of the series Mermaze Mermaidz. Of course, these are not ordinary dolls like all toys from MGA. But today we want to inform you about one of the future novelties, since the release date and the appearance of the second doll is still kept secret.

Mermaze Mermaidz Orra doll

Ora is a mermaid girl, but an unusual and very stylish and glamorous doll. Her outfit, her hairstyle, and also the color of her hair can changes. Thus, you can repeatedly change the appearance of your doll, depending on your desire. The set contains everything you need to care for the doll.

Feature Mermaze Mermaidz Orra doll

  • Colour change

One of the main features of this doll is the color change. This function is one of the main features of toys MGA. To change the color of clothes, you just need to put the doll in water. The pink and gray doll outfit will change in great dark outfit. And it’s all on your eyes. Very exciting

  • Glitter hair gel

4 packs of different color glitter hair gel. Thanks to these gels, you can change the color of your doll’s hair and more. Such gels can be used on the hair of a child and all this is safe for children. Your child can change the color of the doll’s hair as well as their own, while creating new images.

  • Hair

Undoubtedly, you have already noticed what wonderful hair these dolls have. Long, thick and charming in color. The set has everything you need to take care of them: a brush, 4 hair clips and, as we already reported to you, gel hair. You can make different hairstyles and change the look of your doll

  • Tail

Please note the doll’s tail is used as a stand. Thanks to the tail, the doll can stand while you change the color of the hair or the color of the doll’s clothes.

Release Date

To buy this doll you can very soon on March 2022


Price for doll is $44.99

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