Meet Mademoiselle Annik and Monsieur Thiago NU Face collection dolls.

We all know that dolls are a great gift for a child. A doll is a toy that a child played and had fun, but what if we tell you that a doll can be a used as art. Yes, that’s right. This is a special NU Face collection. The cool collection for kids and not only from the NU Face. Meet Mademoiselle Annick and Monsieur Thiago.

Review Mademoiselle Annick

This is a really special doll. First of all it is the fashion doll. Annick Vandale™ Dressed Doll. Secondly, this is a limited series, in total there will be 2000 of these dolls for sale. Important! Anyone can purchase the doll, but first for people who are not WClub members, and details of their availability to the public will be announced after the member payment deadline.

Her outfit and hairstyle are stylish. Accessories complete the look. But the articulation of the doll is especially surprising. The doll’s arm bends in three places. The legs bend in two places. The head is also movable. So, you can change the poses of the doll and make a great photo shoot or many scenarios for role-playing. The doll is wearing a light beige stylish suit, but her jacket is removable. If you take off the jacket you will see a stylish blue top. Another feature of these dolls are removable hands. Yes, you read everything correctly. The hands of these dolls are removable. In the set you will find

  • bag
  • earrings
  • bracelet
  • shoes
  • neck decoration
  • detachable arms

Features Mademoiselle Annick & Monsieur Thiago

  • lottery dolls
  • fashion doll
  • articulation of the doll
  • doll’s arm and legs bends in different places
  • fashion clothes
  • hands of these dolls are removable


Price for the public is $180 plus shipping for each doll.

Release date

Expected Ship Date: Early Summer 2022

Review Monsieur Thiago

There are 2 dolls in total. The second doll is Monsieur Thiago. A very stylish and fashionable boy. Thiago Valente™ fashion figure. Just take a look at his image. Like the previous doll, this is a limited collection. Only 2,000 of these dolls will be on sale. First of all, they will be able to purchase members of the WClub but do not despair, you will also have the opportunity to buy such a doll. Manufacturers arrange a lottery of all comers.

A long white coat, a stylish purple shirt, a special corset and light pants – a stylish and bright Monsieur Thiago look. This is an articulating doll. Therefore, her parts of the body are mobile: the hand, the elbow and the whole arm, as well as legs


Price for the public is $180 plus shipping for each doll.

Release date

Expected Ship Date: In-stock

Short info

Manufacturer:NU Face
Age: 3+
Gender: Female / Male
Size: ----
Regular price: $ 180
Start of sales:In Stock
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart
Series:Mademoiselle Annik, Monsieur Thiago

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