Top-5 Disney Sweet Seams rag soft dolls, surprises & playsets from Moose toys

Disney World is a fascinating and exciting world. Children of any age are happy to watch their favorite animated series and we can confidently say that each child has his own hero and his favorite animated series.

The company Disney released for sale more than ten game sets with the main characters of famous animated series. It has everything and for sure you can find a game set with your favorite character. There are princesses, mermaids, Mickey Mouse, fairies and even Aristocats.

What’s Disney Sweet Seams playset?

  • This is a whole line of dolls and play sets with the same features. First, mini dolls. Yes, all dolls in this series of toys are 6 inches tall.
  • All dolls are the main characters of famous cartoons.
  • Each doll has a number of accessories and gifts. To find them carefully inspect the gift box.
  • Each separate play set has accessories and surprises, so the child will have everything necessary to create scenes and role-play with their favorite characters from the animated series.
  • The appearance of the dolls is special. This is the so-called rag doll style. All dolls are soft, pleasant to the touch

Top-1 Sweet Seams Tangled Rapunzel and Aladdin-Jasmine playsets

The first playsets are Rapunzel and Jasmine toys. The dolls are soft and very pleasant to the touch. Rapunzel has a beautiful and long braid, like in a cartoon. Jasmine is just like her character. In the set you will find several accessories, stickers and pier-glass

Top-2 Sweet Seams Mermaid Ariel and Princess Tiana playsets

Fans of this cartoon will be impressed when they see their favorite character. Just take a look! The kit has everything you need to care for the doll: a brush, shoes (which can be removed and put on), and even a dressing room where the dolls can tidy up.

Top-3 Sweet Seams Minnie Mouse & Fifi Ballot Studio playset

The main characters, as in previous playsets, are made in a special rag doll style. Take a look at this doll, they have hand-like painted features. The packing box is already a play area, so the child can create a large number of scenes and play roles. Inside the box there is a drawer in which shoes and surprises are stored.

Top-4 Sweet Seams Toy Story Jessie Doll playset

Fans of the cartoon series Toy Story have great news for you. We present a special game set with a cowboy girl Jessie Doll. Note that the packing box also turns into a great bed for a doll. The set includes a hat, stickers, as well as two pet friends: a rabbit and a dog

Top-5 Sweet Seams Peter Pan-Tinker Bell Closet playset

The little Tinker Bell is known to many children and of course everyone adore her. We present a game set with a fairy and a number of accessories: shoes, a mirror, stickers. A gift box is a whole room for the game, but if desired, it is a bed or a dressing room. Carefully inspect the box inside there is a box with gifts

Release date

To buy one of this set you can now on Amazon


Each set is unique so the price is unique too. The larger the set, the higher the price. Price for one set from $9.99 to $19.99

Short info

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 6 inches
Regular price: $ 9.99 - $ 19:99
Start of sales:March, 2022
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart
Series:Sweet Seams

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