Luvi Pups Stretchy Puppy Dogs (1st litter)

luvi puppy dogs stretchy

Hello, fans! We present to you a new some intresting animals. It’s a lovely Stretchy Puppy Dogs first litter. They’re looks like real puppies. But they still have diferences. You will like these diferences. This Puppy Dogs have the abillity to stretch. Their head is hard but the face is jiggly soft. They’re squishy inside! We can even strench the tongue. You can stretch them this way any way you want. Any child and even an adult will like it.

luvi puppy dogs stretchy 4

Stretch Puppy Dogs have got little boxes with little accessories. Besides puppy there’s including six surprises. It’s accessories for puppy. You can get various items: dish, toys, collar, meat, chicken drumsticks, bone, pet scratcher, or some other surprise. We can put something of accessories to the mouth and it will stay right in place. This is another features of these puppies.

luvi puppy dogs stretchy accessories

You can fill in all of your puppy information on the adoption certificate. You can read a real luvi pup story of your toy. You can get any of eight puppies. Collect them all! These Stretch Puppy Dogs so cute and every child wants their get.

What’s Inside in each box:

  • 1* Stretchy Puppy Dogs;
  • 6* accessories;
  • 1* skicers;
  • 1* instructions.

Price & Release Date & Pre-order:

The price of one set is about 14 US dollars. In October, you can pre-order toys on Amazon.

Short Description:

Manufacturer:Redwood Ventures
Age: 6+
Gender: Female, male
Size: 3.8 x 4.8 x 3.2 inches
Regular price:$ 14.00
Start of sales:October, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart



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