Lotta Looks Dolls: Weather Girl & Skate Pop dolls 100+ combinations

Today we will show you new awesome toys. They are called Lotta Looks toy. This toys are special because you can create so many looks, hundred plus combinations. Take a look at some of them. Today we will unboxing 2 dolls:

  • Weather Girl
  • Skate Pop

Let’s take a look at the packaging. So many fun images and expressions. Let’s take a look at the back. More expressions on here and you can also buy separate sets with their accessories. With the help of this doll you can express your emotions and demonstrate your mood: joy, sadness, surprise, game mood and so on.

What is Lotta Looks Weather Girl Doll

Her head is giant. We can take the hair apart. She’s bold now, so this is hard plastic. The head does rotate all the way around and guess what you can remove everything. Everything it means the eyes, the mouth the, eyebrows.

You can remove the skirt and the shirt. She’s got a little storm cloud. She’s got some awesome boots and the body does rotate love how even the hands have expressions, thumbs down or a thumbs up.

We’ve got this little boxy question mark x six. Let’s see what’s inside. All of these expressions this one also comes with ome awesome accessories. So we’ve got two for the hair, we’ve got some clouds with water and some suns and then we have this pink a little hair accessories. Well we’ve got clouds for the eyes, a little puppy nose, we’ve got some lips and some different color eyebrows and then we
have this little bubble and it goes right in the mouth.

Use gifts from the boxy and change your face expression, emotions and appearance of your doll. You will have dozens of different combinations and new images of your doll.

Features Lotta Looks Dolls

  • Unique doll size
  • removable hair
  • removable parts of the face (mouth, eyebrows, eyes and even nose)
  • moving parts of the body (arms, head, legs and torso)
  • a large set of different parts of the body (nose, mouth, eyebrows of various shapes and colors)
  • removable clothes
  • hair ornaments

Important! Parts of the face (which are in the box with surprises) are suitable for all dolls in the series Lotta Looks. Thus, by buying two dolls, you can exchange surprises and the number of new combinations will increase several dozen times.

What is Lotta Looks Skate Pop Doll

As for the Lotta Looks Skate Pop doll then she is very charming. Her shiny blue hair is also removed and the doll becomes hairless. All parts of her face are also removable. Open the box with 6 surprises and change parts of the face.

The appearance of your doll will undoubtedly come to life. Another important feature of this doll in her shoes. Skate Pop has special rollers on its feet. The rollers are also removable, so you can remove them if desired.

Price & Release Date

You can buy one of these charming dolls right now in Amazone. Go by the link and make a purchase to please your daughter. The price for such a doll is $19:99.


Manufacturer:Lotta Looks
Age: 5+
Gender: Female
Size: 20.5 x 8.5 x 29 cm (8.2 x 3.4 x 11.5)
Regular price: $ 19.99
Start of sales:in stock
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

Video Lotta Looks Dolls


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