LOL Surprise Spring Bling Limited Edition dolls: Candy Q.T. and Boss Bunny 7 surprises inside

Replenishment in the series of dolls little sisters spring 2022. Two new cute and very cute characters. Two adorable dolls called Candy Q.T. and Boss Bunny. Bright, cute, nice and colorful – that’s what these dolls look like.

New characters and brand new surprises. As before, there are secret messages that you need to uncover and enjoy and enjoy the process. As well as the special features of each doll, which you will have to experience. Can your puppet cry, spit, or tinkle? Experiment and find out

Features LOL Surprise Spring Bling

  • new dolls
  • new surprises
  • dolls can puppet cry, spit, or tinkle

Review LOL Surprise Spring Bling Boss Bunny

This doll is in rose gold color. The fact that this is a doll in the form of a rabbit can be seen immediately. On her head she has a head of a rabbit on her feet too. Just look how sweet and beautiful she is. Real Bling Boss Bunny.

Review LOL Surprise Spring Bling Candy Q.T.

This doll is in pink and blue. She has very stylish polka dot tights on her feet, and white gloves on her hands. I wonder what this doll can do: cry, change color or spit water?

What included inside the ball

  • LOL Surprise doll
  • Secret Message
  • Spring basket
  • Bottle
  • Headband
  • Equipment
  • Shoes

TEAM PLAY: Collect both Candy Q.T. and Boss Bunny!

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