LOL Surprise OMG Remix POP BB Doll Unboxing & Review

Hi LOL Surprise doll collectors!
Today I’m going to unbox a brand new LOL Surprise OMG Remix series doll. The two characters I have here Kitty K and POP BB are BFFs.

I’ll start by unboxing POP BB today.

Lets see the box. There is the portrait of the doll on it. It says 25 surprises, unbox song lyrics and spin record to play music.

Down here it’s written

Two fashion looks mix and match.

So we are hoping to find two fashion looks inside. This part of the box is transparent. And we can see the music record through it.

On this side of the box there’s POP bb’s little sister 80s BB.

And on the back side we see all 4 dolls of Remix series.

Two pairs of BFFs Kitty and POP bb and Lonestar and Honeylicious. Also it’s written here So Extra Tour. And what looks like a tracklist.

On this side of the box it says featuring Kitty K.

Let’s try to take out the record.

It really looks like a vynil music record. It’s title is Groove-o-rama POP BB. We’ll listen to it at the end.

Let’s take out the inner box. This is how it looks And it opens.

This is the users guide.

Here it says:

POP BB Express yourself BB Music. Fashion. Attitude. Vibe

And again we can see Kitty K:

Fashion remix Collect my BFF to complete my look.

This means you can mix and match the outfits of the BFFs.

Here it’s the place where you put the music record to play music.

This is the shoe compartment. And this one has the accessories. So these are our boxes With the shoes and with the accessories.

Wow here she is. Let’s see her little magazine. And it says Express yourself BB Music. Fashion. Attitude. Vide.

And inside the lyrics:

We dance all night. We groove.

Got nothing to prove. Me and my crew. My crew

That’s just how we do

I’m with my crew, we ride

We remix this vibe

We rule the world that’s right

We’re LOL Surprise!

It’s called Music zine.

Let’s take her out

Her box inside is yellow, and there’s a music player drawing, a picture on the wall and the spotlights. And this is the thing that plays music. I
need to pull out the protective element.

So this is POP BB. She’s got teal eyes, two colors of eyeshadow, red and orage. Her lipstick color is orange red. And the color of her nailpolish is the same. She’s wearing a black bra made of faux leather.

And a onepiece, that looks like the athleticwear of the 80th.

This is how it looks at the back.

She’s got a white ribbon in her hair. The hair is the mix of yellow, brown and pink and its crimped. She’s got an elastic that holds her bags. Let me remove it. From behind her hair’s mostly pink. I love that shade of pink. It’s almost neon. Let’s assemble her doll stand.

You can watch a more detailed video unboxing here:

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