LOL Surprise J.K doll series 1. New Fashion Tots M. C. Swag doll + 15 surprises inside the box

A real novelty in the world LOL Surprise toys. This doll will pleasantly surprise you. Firstly, LOL J.K doll probably already known fpr you, but still the difference from the original LOL OMG there are plenty. About everything in more detail.

What is LOL Surprise J.K doll?

Here is a new Fashion Tots doll collection. In this collection you will find 4 different dolls:

  • new Diva doll
  • fashion M. C. Swag doll
  • of course Queen Bee
  • beautiful Neon Q.T

You probably know these names. It was the name of the first dolls series LOL OMG dolls. But what the difference between LOL OMG and this series of toys? In size and not only.

LOL Surprise J.K – is a first mini fashion doll with real hair, real fashions and real tall shoes. Also, such a mini doll has clothes that aren’t typical for younger sisters LOL OMG, clothes with real fabric. There wasn’t such a thing. As for their appearance, but they are very similar to their older sisters. It seems that they have copied the fashionable appearance of their sisters and are ready to be like them. But this is not so. Actually LOL Surprise J.K very unique and amazing dolls, including their appearance.

On one side of the box you will find inscription:

It is just shoes.

JL! It is what makes me stand tall.

It is just fashion.

JK! it is how I express myself.

It is just a runway

JK! It is what reminds me I can take on the world

Featurea LOL Surprise J.K dolls series 2

There are many of features in these dolls. Below we will name the most basic:

  • Appearance

All dolls in this series are very similar to their older LOL OMG sisters. They are really real sisters

  • The size

Unlike dolls LOL OMG, LOL Surprise J.K dolls is not very tall, standard tall for LOL Surprise dolls, but there is one feature with growth. The fact is that in the set you will find special shoes that have a high platform, so the doll in these shoes will be much larger than the doll standard size

  • Accessories

In each set you will find 15 accessories and surprises. Including a bottle, clothes, special shoes, fashion accessories and much more.

  • Packaging

Another feature of this kit is packaging.  LOL Surprise J.K sold not in standard ball-shaped packages, but in cardboard boxes like their older LOL OMG sisters

Try to collect all of them!

Price & Release date LOL Surprise J.K dolls

As for the price one of such dolls will be cost 19.99$. Cheaper than their older sisters. To buy such doll you will be able very soon, but in early July 2020 you can make pre-order for such doll. In July you will be able to buy such doll on Amazon (the link we will give you as soon as possible).

Short info:

Age: 4+
Gender: Female
Size: ----
Regular price: $ 19.99
Start of sales:July, 2020
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

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