LOL Surprise! Chalet House & Snow Bus & Exclusive LOL Family & 95 Surprises. Expert video

Finally, we stopped guessing and were able to see what exactly is LOL Surprise! Chalet House. First of all, we must say this is an incredible and mega amazing LOL dollhouse. Almost 100 surprises, an exclusive LOL family, a huge house, unique stylish furniture, an ice rink and even a tub – all this you will find in a special Chalet House from LOL Surprise.

Features Chalet House

  • an exclusive family that consists of three characters: a LOL doll, a LOL boy and pets
  • unique and stylish furniture. Some furniture light up (fireplace), some furniture even makes sounds (like a toilet)
  • Snow. In the set you will find several packages with snow that can be put in a special machine and then enjoy the snowfall near the house
  • elevator that lifts LOL dolls to the very top of the house (automatically)
  • tub with water. Add water and immerse your dolls there
  • ice rink with lighting and water cotainer. Add water and freeze it in the refrigerator. Then you can arrange real competitions for your dolls
  • clothes for dolls
  • accessories for dolls and much more you will find in this set.

For more information about the LOL Surprise Chalet House and how to order it, what price, release date you can find here.

Expert video. Full review LOL Surprise Chalet House. Unboxing

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