LOL Remix Hair Flip Checklist! We know all their names!

LOL Remix Hair Flip Cheklist 001
The new series called LOL Surprise Remix Hair Flip. The package looks like a music speaker, and it really plays music. This series has 12 characters. They have real hair and it looks like each doll has an additional surprise hairstyle.

This is the checklist of this series. All dolls look amazing!

  • The Glitterati: Stix Queen, Bluegrass Queen
  • Glee Club: Nashville, Soprano, Alto
  • Pop Club: Radical Q.T., Bangle B.B.
  • Rock Club: Roadle, Rebel, Twisted Ses
  • Hiphop Club: Supa Fly, Nae Nae

LOL Surprise Remix Hair Flip where to buy

Music off the l.o.l. Surprise. Innovation Tots with 12 characters to collect. The packing of the sweet Innovation Tots is an interactive speaker. Including small record with which music can be played

With every unboxing you discover a part of the L.O.L. Surpise Songs. The cool hairstyles have different colored strands of hair and elaborate hairsyles. Of course, every doll has matching music accessories.

So the dolls have colorful strands of hair and you can change the dolls hairstyle with them.
Look at this doll from the box artwork. She’s already got amazing hair style, but on the second picture a black hair strand is added. Also this girl is a drummer and she’s got her drums packed with her. So all of the dolls have music instruments. And you can collect a music band.


  • LOL Surprise Innovation tots with colourful hair and shrill hairstyles for styling and cool music function
  • Each doll comes with music accessories and matching look for music
  • There are 12 characters to collect, play and swap
  • With each unboxing you will discover a part of the still secret LOL Surpise Songs
Also there are some secret song lyrics in the box, and you need to collect them.
The glitterati club has two characters Stix Queen who’s a drummer and Bluegrass Queen who has a banjo. Both dolls are rare.
There are 3 characters in Glee Club: Nashville with harmonica, Soprano with a microphone, and Alto with a stand up microphone.
Pop Club has Radical QT it looks like she’s ultra-rare and Bangle BB with shoulder keyboard.
Rock club has 3 characters: Roadie and Rebel don’t have their instruments on this picture, Twisted Sis has her rock guitar. And finally Hip Hop club.
It’s characters are Supa Fly. She’s got micro braided hair. And Nae Nae, she’s the one who we see on the packaging. This is the actual photo of Twisted Sis.

Release Date:

Their release date on Amazon de is August 11, 2020. But I think they may be delayed till September, because it’s usually the month when the new series come out.


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