Little Live Scruff a Luvs Babies

scruff a luvs babies little live containers animals

Hello Everyone!

Meet Scruff a Luv Babies from Little Live. It is very scuffy and fluffy animals. There’s included 21 animals in collection. Collect all of them! You can find different animals in thess categorias:

  • tropical fields: kitten, bear, bunny, puppy, walrus, koala (rare);
  • starlight secret gardens: lion, panda, fox (ultra rare);
  • rainbow meadows: kitten, bear, bunny, puppy, walrus, koala;
  • marble river: kitten, bear, bunny, puppy, walrus, koala.

scruff a luvs babies little live containers all pets

Luv Babies are in containers. Their containers looks like little home for our pets. It have blue color on top and purpple on the bottom. On th top there’s a little handle and it is in the form of heart. It’s like a little cage. Inside there’s a little guide. There we get a little certificate of adoption. Also we’ve got a collector’s chart on the front and on the back. We’ve got a comb. You can brush our pets with this comb. After that their fur will become so plush and soft.

scruff a luvs babies little live containers pets

You can go back your pets to the containers. It will become their home. These Luv Babies have a little pacifier. Their look like the teeny-tiny babies. These Scruff Luv Babies so soft and cute and every child wants their get.

What’s Inside in each box:

  • 1* Luv Babies;
  • 1* containers;
  • 1* comb;
  • 1* guide.

Release Date:

In October – November, 2019. You can pre-order toys on Amazon.

Short Description:

Manufacturer:Little Live
Age: 2+
Gender: Female, male
Start of sales:October - November, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart



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