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L.O.L. Surprise Winter Disco Bigger Surprise – Blue Colour Case

Hello everyone, Today, you’ll learn about the new reincarnation of your favorite LOL Bigger Surprise Pack.
We have a brand new lol surprise limited edition bigger surprise winter disco version.
In the updated set you will receive 5 dolls from the Winter Disco series.
L.O.L. Surprise Winter Disco Bigger Surprise
So, you will find the following dolls:
  • 2 Glitter Globe dolls.
  • 1 lil sister.
  • 1 pet
  • 1 OMG doll.

In addition to dolls, you will receive many different surprises. In total – more than 60 prizes in one set. In its content, it will be similar to the previous version of the case.

But its main feature will be the presence of OMG dolls.

L.O.L. Surprise Winter Disco Bigger Surprise where to buy OMG

Release Date:

Available to pre order from October 14 in the United States.


It is expected that its cost will be around $ 90.

Short Description: Where to Buy?

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 16.5 x 38.1 x 30.5 cm
(6.5 x 15 x 12 inches)
Regular price: $ 89.99
Start of sales:October 14, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart



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  1. your print screen says amazon exclusive yet you list it as available at Target and Walmart as well ?

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