L.O.L Surprise! Car-Pool Coupe with Exclusive Doll Included + Headlight with Light

Here are the first LOL Surprise OMG doll car. Today we want to introduce you not just a car, but an exclusive car with a pool and a new lol doll inside. Mega stylish, bright, not ordinary and most importantly a very detailed car – it’s all about the new L.O.L Surprise Car-Pool Coupe. The design of the car is very similar to the car from the future, not at all typical style of cars for nowadays.

The inscription on the bumper – speedmatic. On the back you will see letters B.B and small inscription L.O.L Surprise. As we said, this is not an ordinary car but an electric car. Inside you will find two packages: the car itself and the package with many surprises.

Features L.O.L Surprise! Car-Pool Coupe


The design of the car is very futuristic. The car itself is bright pink with golden elements. The shape of the machine is not standard.

Detailed machine

The machine is very detailed with a large number of important and interesting features. Inside the box with surprises you will find two special seats that can easily be installed in the driver’s seat. Armchairs have safety belts, so you can not worry about your dolls 🙂

The size of the seats allows you to put one of the OMG dolls in the place of the passenger or driver. Car headlights shine and even rise. Click on the headlight and it will appear. Turn off the light and see the light thanks to the headlights of the car.

Exclusive doll

As you might have guessed, inside such a set you will find one exclusive doll called Drag Racer. In addition to the doll, you will also find many accessories and surprises for the doll, along with the doll’s driver license where you will find all the information about her.

Playgrounds in the car

You will not believe it, but this car has two special playgrounds. Try to flip the back of the car and you get two zones: the dance floor and the pool area. Yes, this car has its own pool. You can pour water into your pool / jacuzzi and put several LOL dolls there, because there is enough space for everyone. In addition, the dance floor area also makes it easy to place several LOL dolls at once. Well, of course, two front seats where even a LOL OMG doll can put.


  • car key
  • boots
  • exclusive doll
  • clothes
  • bottle
  • glasses
  • doll card
  • two special seats in the car (these seats have a seat belt)

How to play L.O.L Surprise! Car-Pool Coupe

Such car can impress even the most fastidious and experienced fan of the toy series LOL Surprises. In such car, you can roll the most ordinary LOL dolls as well as the LOL OMG dolls, the size of the car corresponds to the size of such dolls. You can arrange great discos on a special dance floor and turn on the unusual illumination of car headlights. You can also arrange fun water games with a special pool of such a car. Another important feature of the L.O.L Surprise! Car-Pool Coupe is a special, exclusive LOL doll called Drag Racer.

Release Date & Price:

Today, there is unknown the exact release date for the sale L.O.L Surprise! Car-Pool Coupe, as well as the prices of such a car. Undoubtedly Car-Pool Coupe will go on sale in January or early February 2020. As soon as we have information regarding the price and start date of sales of such a car, we will certainly inform you. Follow the news on Amazon.

Short Info:

Manufacturer:MGA Entertainment
Age: 6+
Gender: Female
Size: ----
Regular price: $ ----
Start of sales:January, 2020
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart



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