Interactive dogs OMG Pets Little Live for children

It seems that in 2019 the most popular word in the world of toys after L.O.L. will become OMG.ย  The company MGA Entertainment has just released L.O.L. dolls. Surprise O.M.G., and Moose Toys has already picked up the baton with OMG Pets, a series of interactive pets. These dogs for children are offered in several versions.

A novelty is released in the Little Live Pets toy collection.

OMG Pets Little Live

Interactive dogs for children are intended for girls and boys of five years and older. This collection of toys Little Live Pets has so far 5 puppies and 1 game set with a dog. Animals are small. Perfectly fit in the palms.

One puppy costs up to 10 US dollars on Amazon. If you take a game kit with a dog carrier and pet, you will have to pay $ 20.

OMG Pets Moose Toys

In individual packages come:

  • Interactive puppy (German Shepherd, Poodle, Beagle, Labrador or French Bulldog)
  • Pet Bottle
  • Instruction manual
  • Three batteries LR44

In the large O.M.G Pets Bestie Bag, you can find:

  • French Bulldog Toy
  • Carrying bag that can serve as a booth
  • Doggie cot
  • A bottle
  • Ball
  • Three batteries LR44

Using a bottle, itโ€™s easy to find out what gender your puppy is. In warm water, the color of the bottle changes, prompting your boy or OMG Pets Little Live girl. By the way, each toy knows how to bark and make a variety of dog sounds, so games with a novelty should be interesting.

Release Date and buy it now:

Released August 1, 2019. Now you can buy, like on Amazon in the USA.


Recommended retail price in the USA –ย $9,99


Manufacturer:Moose Toys
Age: 5- 15 years
Gender: Female and Male
Size: 2.8 x 3.2 x 4.4 inches
Regular price: $9,99
Start of sales:August 1, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


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