Hairdorables Short Cuts Little Sisters with Real Hair series 1

Finally, Hairdorables Short Cuts are on sale. These are little sisters of dolls Hairdorables collection with real hair. In the first series, you will find 25 little dolls and many accessories for fun games are presented, so collecting these toys is still fun and interesting.

New dolls are packaged in a shampoo bottle. Each such box hides not only a collectible toy, but also a few additional surprises.
The novelty was announced back in the winter at a toy exhibition in New York. Then came the first “live” photos of the little sisters Hairdorables Short Cuts. But only in August children could buy this dolls in shop.

What included in the set

On the purple shampoo bottles it says that you can collect as many as 25 mini-dolls in the first series. Each box contains 8 surprises for girls, including:

  • Collection toy with real hair tails Hairdorables Short Cuts
  • A doll skirt that can turn into an elastic band for children’s hair
  • Optional accessory
  • Collector liner
  • Hairpin
  • Stand with a “scene” for the doll
  • Two detachable ponytails creating a voluminous hairstyle
  • Character Information Card

Characters Hairdorables Little Sisters 1 series

The faces of younger sisters resemble older girls from the Hairdorables series. But the name of each character differs from “relatives”, the more interesting it is to “hunt” for sisters.

Although there are more than twenty dolls in series 1, there are only 12 characters. Just the Short Cuts girls can be presented in different outfits and with different hairstyles.

  • CeeCee – DeeDee doll sister

This baby loves green. Her hobby is to bake cookies, so she is always ready to help with the housework and feed her beloved friends with sweets.

  • Daisy – sister Rayne

This athlete loves to twist hula hoop. She loves yellow, so there is always something yellow in her outfits, like the sun.

  • Emma – Noah sister

Another athlete from the Short Cuts series. Emma loves to roller skate and scooter. She is also interested in taking pictures. And the characterā€™s favorite color is coral.

  • Maya – Willow’s sister

If the other characters in the 1 series are presented in two ways, then the Maya doll is very lucky. There are three images in the collection of this little girl who loves to ride unicorns, wear crowns and love pink.

  • Robin – sister Kat

This character is very fond of pets. When Robin does not train his hamster, she walks her beloved dog. The doll loves the color blue.

  • Zoe – the little sister of Harmony

What can Zoe get addicted to if her sister Harmony loves music? Oh, she will play the guitar and drums. Do not even doubt it! šŸ™‚

  • Charlie – sister Brit

Since this character cannot live without sporting achievements, Charlie’s favorite color is gold. After all, getting a gold cup for first place in any competition is always very nice.

  • Dillon – Sister Bella

Both boys and girls can engage in beatboxing. Dillon, for example, simply loves such creativity. She also likes to represent herself as a fairy and dye her hair lilac.

  • Marisol – Skylar’s sister

This baby loves to travel and collect stamps from different countries. She is always ready to go on vacation. Just in case, her suitcase is packed in advance.

  • Quinn – Kali’s sister

Who is fond of robotics? Of course, Quinn. This girl is familiar with programming and electronics, so itā€™s easy to assemble a robot for her.

  • Stella – sister of Neila

Stella loves to play laser fights. She is also a fan of milky white, so this character is very neat in life. Real cleanliness.

12. Violet – little sister Salli

This baby loves handicrafts, the so-called DIY projects (do it yourself – do it yourself). Favorite color is purple.


Recommended retail price in the USA ā€“ $9,99


Manufacturer:Hairdorables Short Cut
Age: 3+
Gender: Girls
Size: 6 x 9 x 16 cm (2.3 x 3.4 x 6.6 inches)
Regular price:$ 9.99
Start of sales:October 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Walmart, Target


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