Hairdorables Pets Series 2 Shimmer Pets. 25 new pets to collect

Hooray! Finally, new pets of the Hairdorables series have appeared. A new series of Hairdorables Pets has a name Shimmer Pets. Series 2 has 25 new collect pets. Now there are even more pets and they are all very cute, beautiful and stylish. Each pet has its own accessories and most importantly hair, now pets have a lots of big hair and glamorous. You can do amazing and custom hairstyles for your pets.

What is Hairdorables Pets?

Hairdorables – are stylish and cute dolls, the main difference of which is long thick hair. Each Hairdorables doll has its own pet. Pets as well as dolls  have thick, long hair, so you can do different hairstyles.

This is a surprise pets. That is mean what kind of pet is inside, you can not find out in advance. Opening a box with pets, a real surprise awaits you: firstly, a mysterious pet, and secondly, several accessories for it.

Features Hairdorables Pets Series 2

  • 25 new pets
  • more hair and length in pets
  • more shimmer pets
  • new accessories
  • new packaging style inside
  • 1 ultra-rare pet inside

Hairdorables Pets Series 2. What inside?

Outer packaging has not changed much. But as soon as you remove the zip tape and unzip your pet, you will immediately notice the new design inside. Each pet should have its own house and Hairdorables Pets it also has. Now, instead of a podium with places of awards Hairdorables Pets his own house appeared. To the right and left are cells with accessories. In such cells you can find the pet itself and its accessories.

In the second series you will find 25 pets, 24 usual pets and 1 ultra rare pet. Collect pets and collect the entire collection of unique and very cute Hairdorables Pets.

Review Hairdorables Pets Series 2

What set included?

In each set Hairdorables Pets you will find 8 surprises inside.

  • Pet

The new collection has 25 unique pets. Find out in advance what the pet inside will not succeed. It all depends on your luck

  • Hairbrush

Like dolls, pets have excellent hair that you need to care for. In each set Hairdorables Pets there is a special brush for grooming hair

  • Accessories

All pets are different and have different hobbies. For example, some of them like to play sports, others listen to music, next draw and so on. Therefore, in the set you will find two accessories that correspond to the hobby of this pet

  • 2 stickers

With these stickers you can decorate your pet or his house

  • Adorable pets

This card will tell you more detail about the pet that you got: his name, his hobbies and some interesting facts about him

  • Packaging

Packaging is another feature of such toys. The fact is that after unpacking, the packaging itself is not thrown away but is used as a pet’s home

Release date & Pre-Order:

You can make an order and purchase such a pet right now. All you need is to leave a request on the site and we will make delivery as soon as the pets are available.


The price of the new Hairdorables Pets is about $ 7.99 for one set.

Short Description: Where to Buy?

Age: 3+
Gender: for girls
Size: 7.5 x 17,5 x 12,5 cm (3 x 7 x 5 inches)
Regular price: $ 7.99
Start of sales:in Stock
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


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