Hairdorables Loves Hello Kitty & Hairdorables Jojo Siwa 2 series. Two Limited Edition Dolls 2020

Today we have for you not just new items, but two the rarest and very interesting dolls in the series Hairdorables. We present Hairdorables Loves Hello Kitty & Hairdorables Jojo Siwa. These two dolls are already available for sale, but we must say that they are limited edition dolls, so they are very rare and are sold in limited quantities therefore if you want to make a nice gift to your child, then you should hurry up. In this article we will definitely give a link where you can buy this dolls.

Features Hairdorables Loves Hello Kitty Doll

As we already said Hairdorables Loves Hello Kitty is a limited edition, therefore it is sold in limited quantities. Hello Kitty from Hairdorables is a fascinating doll with an interesting appearance. Her hair is multi-colored, the outfit is very cute and stylish, in addition, she has unusual drawings on her face, drawings in the form of 2 bows of pink and purple color. There is an interesting inscription on the package:

Rayne is the Ultimate Hello Kitty fan & expresses her #LOVE by dressing up and accessorizing all things Hello Kitty! She is #Hairdorable from her head to her toes. Welcome to the squad Hairdorables Hello Kitty Rayne #BigHairDonotCare!

As you guessed, this doll name is Rayne. Together with Rayne in the set you will also find 11 surprises:

  • shoes
  • stickers
  • bag
  • stickers
  • sticker with Rayne
  • headband
  • stickers
  • hair clip
  • doll stand
  • ┬áRayne card

The doll Rayne has long and soft hair of violet color with strands of different colors: blue, pink and yellow. Big blue eyes and of course a very cute outfit

Important! A box with a doll can be used as a house for a doll.

Features Hairdorables Jojo Siwa 2 series

This is the second series Hairdorables Jojo Siwa Doll. The number of these dolls is limited. Make an order and buy Hairdorables Jojo you can on Amazon by link.

In the set you will find:

  • glasses
  • stickers
  • shoes
  • stickers
  • stickers
  • microphone
  • VIP inscription
  • doll card
  • great hair clip
  • another sticker

As for the doll, Jojo is a charming doll. Very cute and stylish. Hairdorables Jojo has thick, long and very soft hair. Hair color is also very interesting, there are mint and pink colors.

Which doll do you like the most? It is your choose only.

Release Date & Price

Looking for an original and interesting gift for your daughter? Undoubtedly Hairdorables dolls will please your princess. You can buy one of two dolls series Hairdorables limited edition right now, because they are already on sale. The price for one doll is $ 14:99. Here is the link where you can find them.

Short info

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 17 x 7.5 x 20 cm (6.8 x 3 x 8 inches)
Regular price: $ 14.99
Start of sales:In stock
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

Unpacking video Hairdorables Hello Kitty & Jojo Siwa 2020


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