Hairdorables Hairamazing – Amazing big dolls!

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The competition between the brands of Heroradables and LOL Surprise is increasing. A few months ago, LOL presented its large OMG dolls. Now you can see that Hairdrables also presents large dolls called Hairamazing. At the moment, 6 different dolls have been spotted. Each doll is as different as possible from the previous one. They have different styles, outfits and a selection of accessories.

Hairdorables Hairamazing big hair dolls buy it now

New Hairamazing Dolls have articulation, stitched hair, as well as the bright appearance and no less bright outfits with accessories. Each doll supplies in its original packaging. The box is displayed on the podium, so you can arrange your fashion show. In addition to the doll, you will get 6 more surprises inside.

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Estimated retail price for one doll will be $ 25

Short Description:

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: ------ inches
Regular price: ~$24.99
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

More Photo:

hairdorables_big_sisiter_fashion_dolls_articulated buy it now

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